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6 Habits to Adopt in 2020 if You Want to Lose Weight Healthily
Some strategies may not work for you. See what to do

What are your goals for 2020? Many people aim to lose a few pounds. And that's okay, the fact is that sometimes the task becomes more complicated than it seems.

6 Habits to Adopt in 2020 if You Want to Lose Weight Healthily

You probably also had the problem: you start gymnastics (or increase your workouts) and you eat less. However, it looks like the account does not match. No matter how much you stick to your diet, the balance never changes. Or it even changes, but soon returns to the early stage. Do you want to lose weight this year? We consulted with an expert who gave us 6 tips on habits you can adopt in 2020 to lose weight healthily. Check it out:

1 - Understand when you really need to eat

Today we hear a lot about intermittent fasting. The habit of dining a little early and being able to postpone breakfast can help some people. And science agrees with that. A study from the University of California, for example, found that the reduction in usual calories during this period can reach on average up to 1.5 kg per month.

It turns out that each body is unique. And there is no point in following the recommendation of spending hours without eating (or eating every two to three hours) if the strategy doesn't work for you. “We need to listen more to our body and feed ourselves according to its needs. Sometimes the person does not need intermediate snacks between meals. Others are very hungry if they take long breaks and exaggerate their plates, ”says endocrinologist Renato Zilli of the Syrian-Lebanese hospital.

Studies also support this idea. It has been discovered that spending a lot of time without putting anything in your mouth can slow your metabolism, lower your concentration, put you in a bad mood and contribute to unhealthy choices with your next meal. The secret then? Trial and error. Pay attention to when you are hungrier and when you only eat out of habit or even out of greed. And adapt your snack routine!

2 - Organize life - and lunch boxes!

Taking time on weekends to prepare lunch boxes is a good thing for those who cannot keep up with restaurants by the pound. “When the brain is faced with countless options, it tends to choose the tastiest and overdo it. Therefore, preparing lunch boxes helps to avoid unnecessary calories and helps us keep our figure, ”says the doctor.

You don't like hot dishes? Use a few tips to make your breakfasts more flavorful. Choose cold dishes such as salads, pies or grilled vegetables. However, if you don't want to give up hot food, it's best to have sauce. As the microwave heats up by stirring the water particles, the soaked food heats effectively and evenly without this dryness.

When preparing your salad, opt for glass jars and always start with a wet seasoning (or leave it separate). Thus, it stays at the bottom of the container and does not come into contact with the leaves - this prevents them from wilting. Remember to add a protein source (like grated chicken or tofu) to balance the macronutrients.

3 - Don't dine so late

"Studies show that when we eat late at night, we deregulate our metabolism - this makes weight loss difficult," says Renato Zilli. And early morning snacks are the most damaging: a study from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States found that when food is eaten after dinner, the body is ready to store those calories as fat rather than fat. burn them. them as energy. This not only leads to weight gain, but also increases blood sugar and, therefore, the risk of chronic disease.

Also pay attention to the type of food you eat at each hour of the day. Meat, for example, should be reserved for lunch and avoided at dinner. It takes an average of 5 hours to digest. So eating before bed can damage your digestive system. The same goes for simple carbohydrates: they are usually very high in calories.

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4 - Practice mindful eating

The endocrinologist explains that mindful eating, while not directly influencing weight gain or loss, can help reduce anxiety and eating disorders that are closely related. “One technique I use in the office is to ask patients to chew more and try the flavors. Nowadays we are very separate from what we eat. Processed and processed foods have too strong a taste (they are too salty, sugary or greasy). This inhibits the perception of taste, smell and even consistency of the food. "

And then you see: the less we recognize what we put in our mouths, the more we eat. If you go to the restaurant before you order or face the buffet, judge the size of your hunger. Do you need a light or reinforced plate? It's from PMS and you want a dessert, so go for salad as your main course? From the answers, choose the dish without errors.

5 - Count fewer calories!

It may not seem intuitive, but counting the calories of the day may not be a good strategy for you. Tracking and counting all meals and snacks is somewhat dismayed and leads to a lack of motivation in some people.

Relying on numbers alone can lead to wrong decisions. A small meal in a fast food can even contain approximately the same amount of calories as a meal at home. But the two are completely different in terms of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they contain - the second is much better for the body.

“Everyone chooses the best: it is worth taking a photo of all the dishes so that you can analyze them at the end of the day, prepare the lunch box or even make arrangements at home. I always say that the best weight loss strategy is one that you can do without major suffering, ”says the endocrinologist.

But if you still think calorie counting is the best option for you, remember how much you spend each day. This number takes two things into account: the basal metabolic rate - physiological characteristics such as age, weight, height, gender and height; and the activities we do every day (when we are standing or doing sports). Ask an expert to help you avoid creating the wrong account!

6 - Eliminate Trash Day

Throw the first stone that never made the garbage day. You don't go out of the diet for nothing during the week. Then you can hardly wait until Sunday starts with all the nonsense you want. Experts reject the strategy. "They promote unhealthy behavior. If you adopt garbage, you understand that you have suffered all week and can now eat, ”says the doctor.

Trash cans often contain little nutrients and lots of calories from sugar and fat. It is better to stick to a more flexible menu in everyday life. Do not feel guilty about eating or slipping a piece of cake until the exception becomes the rule and most of the time your diet is balanced. And come here: your body should never be compared to a trash can, right?

Eating has to be pleasant every day. “It's not that we can't eat anything that comes out of our diet. However, we forget that it is the function of food to nourish the body and not just to give pleasure, ”explains Renato.

6 Habits to Adopt in 2020 if You Want to Lose Weight Healthily

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14 Keys to Reducing Overweight With Diet
Reducing the overweight with the diet is not impossible, you just have to know what are the keys that allow you to lose weight. Believe it or not, making some changes in your eating habits may be what you need to reach your healthy weight.

In this article, we'll give you some tips to help you modify your diet to reduce empty calorie intake while maintaining good nutrition.

Keys to Reducing Overweight With Diet

Keys to reducing overweight with diet

The first thing you need to do is check that you're overweight. To do this, it is important that you perform your body mass index. It is calculated by dividing the weight in kg by the square height [(weight in kg. / (height x height)].

Let's take an example: let's suppose that Maria is 1.65 m tall (5 feet 5 inches) and weighs 60 kg (133 pounds). Her BMI would be calculated: 60 / (1.65×1.65) = 22.04. In this case, her BMI would be normal. If, on the other hand, she weighed 70 kg (155 pounds), her BMI would be 25.72, i.e. she would be overweight. Let's look at the table below for information on body index mass:
  • Under 18.4 = underweight
  • Between 18,5 and 24,9 = normal weight
  • Between 25 and 29,9 = overweight
  • More than 30 = obesity

Calculate your body mass index and if you are overweight, do not miss the keys to change your eating habits presented below so you can reduce overweight with the diet.

Tips for modifying your diet

Some slight changes in your diet may be all you need to lose those extra pounds and regain the figure you always dreamed of. Take a pen and paper to make a note.

1. Choose lean cuts of meat

By buying and consuming lean cuts, you ensure that you reduce your fat intake. This is beneficial not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of your cardiovascular health. Another piece of advice? Remove visible fat before cooking.

2. Avoid eating foods high in saturated fat

We all love sausages and bacon. They are tasty but also rich in saturated fat! We know that avoiding them indefinitely is extremely difficult. That's why we recommend consuming them sporadically and moderately.

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3. Chicken, better without skin

Are you one of those people who enjoys eating chicken skin? Well, it's time to kick the habit. Remove the skin to avoid consuming saturated fats that only give you an excess of calories!

4. Eat fish 3 times a week

Replace some of your red meat meals with fish. In this way, you will increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids that are very beneficial to the body and reduce the consumption of fat and calories.

5. Choose skimmed dairy products

Nutritionists advise consuming between 2 and 3 daily servings of dairy to ensure the recommended dose of calcium. It is best to opt for yogurts and skimmed milk to reduce fat intake.

6. Low-fat cheeses!

Avoid foods with saturated fats, such as whole milk and fatty cheeses.
Avoid foods with saturated fats, such as whole milk and fatty cheeses.

Who doesn't like tasty cheeses? The problem is that they tend to have a much higher level of fat. If you're trying to lose weight, choose low-fat cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, feta or fresh. Of course, you can eat fatty cheeses moderately and sporadically.

7. Include eggs in your diet

In the past, eggs were notorious because they were thought to increase bad cholesterol. Today, it has been proven that the egg provides protein of high biological value and it is recommended to consume it several times a week, always opting for its varieties cooked or passed through water.

8. Eat cereals, pulses and tubers every day.

These foods should be included in weight loss diets as they provide mainly complex carbohydrates. This component helps to restrict appetite by providing a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. If possible, choose whole-grain varieties for a higher fiber intake that will help you avoid constipation.

9. Say goodbye to pastries and sweets

Cakes, croissants and sweets do not provide your body with nutrients. They are one of the main foods to limit to reduce overweight with the diet and, for this reason, are at the top of the food pyramid. Choose fruit bread instead.

10. Water as a favorite drink

Water as a favorite drink
Water should be your favorite drink compared to soft drinks or juices.

Did you know that soft drinks and sugary drinks only provide the body with empty calories? As you read, drinking a soda didn't whet your appetite, even if you're taking in calories!

11. Olive oil instead of butter

Olive oil is a healthy fat that should be present in most of your meals. Leave the butter in the supermarket! Its caloric intake is much higher and we are also talking about saturated fats.

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12. Vegetables and fruits every day

The basis of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. They provide your body with all the necessary nutrients with a low calorie index. Prepare a variety of dishes to satisfy your appetite, you'll see how you lose weight!

13. Includes nuts

In a moderate way, you can include nuts in your salads, as they increase the feeling of satiety. We insist on moderation as they are very caloric and should not be abused.

14. Choose well the cooking of your food

Grilled, baked or papillote cooking methods need little fat to work and, for this reason, they should be your choice. Forget fried foods, sauces and batters, at least in the usual way!

Reducing weight with diet is possible as long as you are willing to change some bad eating habits. Of course, the ideal is to combine a healthy diet with regular physical exercise. Consult your doctor for advice appropriate to your calorie needs, age and fitness level.

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How to Perform a Complete Body Detoxification Step by Step in 7 Days
Day by day our body can be filled with toxins from different sources: food, air, chemicals, etc. Taking a week of detox is a good idea.

How to Perform a Complete Body Detoxification Step by Step in 7 Days

It is normal that, with the current pace of life, the body becomes intoxicated. We may get intoxicated from eating unhealthy foods like junk food. Or by the high consumption of substances such as caffeine, alcohol or tobacco.

But it can also poison the environment. Air pollution, the toxins present in the chemicals we use every day (from cosmetics to beauty products), and in general, the pollutants around us, which can lead to poisoning.

Therefore, it is important from time to time (at least once a year) to perform a complete detoxification of the body. It will make us feel renewed, much healthier and full of energy.

If you follow these steps for a week, you will notice how you renew yourself. If you dare to continue making them longer, you'll see even more amazing changes.


To begin with, during this week, it completely eliminates the consumption of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats, as they prevent the healing process that we are about to begin.

Then, put these 5 steps into practice:

1. Have breakfast with water and lemon

Fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes help cleanse the body and stimulate enzymatic processes in the digestive tract.

Especially, it is a good idea to drink a glass of warm water with lemon at the beginning of each day. If you don't dare, at least add lots of citrus fruits and their juices to your morning routine.

citrus fruits

2. Eat plenty of fiber

Foods such as brown rice, beets, artichokes, broccoli, and others are high in fiber. Consuming them will help cleanse your stomach and detoxify your body.

3. Drink plenty of water

I'm sure you already know, but in this week of detox you shouldn't forget it for the world: drink two liters of water every day. Having your body hydrated is essential for it to work well.

4. Eat more fruit than usual

Beyond citrus fruits, fruit in general is a perfect food for detoxifying the body. Add fruit to your breakfasts and snacks, replacing refined flours with them.

The change will be radical.

5. Incorporates infusions that take care of the liver

Coffee or alcohol are very unhealthy drinks for our liver. So, to detoxify, you have to eliminate them from your diet for a while.

Green tea, on the other hand, is a great natural medicine for a resentful liver. Try adding it to your diet to take care of and cleanse your liver.

Infusion of Dandelion!

Depurative, natural diuretic. Clean the liver and kidneys. It helps eliminate toxins. It provides a good dose of iron.

Infusion of Dandelion


  • 1 tablespoon of dandelion leaves for each cup of water (fresh or dried)
  • Water, quantity needed


  • Wash the dandelion leaves
  • Place in a jar the desired number of cups of water and bring it to a maximum fire
  • When the water starts to boil, add the dandelion leaves
  • Leave on heat for 3 minutes and turn off
  • Cover and let rest 5 minutes, so that the leaves settle in the background
  • Strain the preparation, and if desired, add a few drops of lemon and sweeten with honey or whole-grain sugar
  • It can be hot or cold

You can take this infusion 3 times a day, preferably before meals.

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In addition to food, it is also important to make changes in our daily routine to detoxify the body.

6. Take a deep breath

Breathing is an automatic process, but becoming aware of it and practicing it correctly is fundamental for the body. The reason is that oxygen is essential for all processes in the body.

Deep breathing allows oxygen to reach every part of the body better, making everything work better.

7. Removes toxins from the skin

Use a natural bristle brush every day to pass it over your skin. That way, you can eliminate toxins through the pores. You can also try foot detox baths.

8. Exercise

Spend one hour a day on the exercise you like best. It will help you eliminate toxins through sweating, and it will also make you feel more vital and energetic. If a yoga routine, even better.

9. Do hydrotherapy

A good idea is to take baths that alternate between hot and cold water. The ratio is: 5 minutes of hot water, and 30 seconds of cold water. After repeating 3 times, take shelter in bed. This technique will cleanse and activate your circulatory system.


10. Meditate

Detoxification will not be complete if it is only of the body: for the process to be integral, the mind must be emptied. If you have experience meditating, aim to do so at least ten minutes a day during this week. If you've never done it before, it's the best time to start: search the Internet for mantras or videos and find a perfect one-minute routine for you.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

9 Tips From Scientists to Help You Lose Weight Without Annoying Diets
Most people, even once in their lives, have tried to lose the extra weight, even if it's only a couple of pounds. However, according to data from Pennsylvania State University researchers, losing weight seriously and keeping it slim is only one in six people. But if you follow some rules correctly, losing weight and keeping the results can be quick and simple.

fit360usa compiled a collection of scientifically proven facts about things that positively influence weight loss.

9 Tips From Scientists to Help You Lose Weight Without Annoying Diets

1. Add healthy fats to your diet

In an attempt to reduce the amount of calories, it seems reasonable to avoid high-fat products such as nuts, sunflower seeds, cheese, and oil. However, fats are digested much faster than proteins and carbohydrates; therefore, the sensation of saturation through consumption of similar products will persist.

In addition, monounsaturated fats help the body to more actively assimilate vitamins and various beneficial substances: lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene.

2. Don't overestimate your calorie intake during physical activity

The researchers found that overweight people during dieting tend to exaggerate the amount of calories burned during sports activities by 126 percent. As a result, they allow themselves to eat more, considering that they have spent a lot of energy on training.

After activities you need to eat something, but do not exceed the calculated calorie limits. Otherwise, the effect of weight loss due to sport will not work.

Tips From Scientists to Help You Lose Weight

3. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly

Fruits and vegetables can be a cause of overweight if....they are washed the wrong way. The point is that the pesticides in their shells slow down metabolism, and may even be a cause of weight gain. These substances are intended to protect the crop from pests, but also have a significant impact on human health.

Pesticides violate the functioning of the thyroid gland that leads to hormonal problems. According to the researchers, they also damage mitochondria, which are elemental cells that act in the conversion of food into energy.

4. Breathe in the smell of olive oil

German scientists discovered that adding olive oil to food contributes to a fast and effective saturation. On the other hand, it turns out that even the simple smell of this oil prolongs the time of constant preservation of the blood sugar level, which saves us from the onset of hunger. The largest number of hunger blockers are found in Italian oil varieties.

5. Eat with pleasure

Our appetite is largely regulated by a hormone called ghrelin. Their level increases with stress and decreases in response to receiving pleasure from food. In short, if you eat with pleasure, then the feeling of hunger will not return soon, but if you have difficulty eating the hated cottage cheese, you will quickly go to the refrigerator again.

So, if you dislike a product, it's best to replace it with one you like better, or try to taste it and still get pleasure.

6. Choose the right pasta

The glycemic index shows how fast the body digests the products. The lower the glycemic index of the product, the slower the sugar in the product will enter the blood. Therefore, the body will generate small doses of insulin for its production.

Otherwise, if the blood gets too much sugar quickly, our body will need to quickly make a large amount of insulin. And this, in turn, will give a signal to the brain that it's time to eat something again. Therefore, products with a low glycaemic index are more 'advantageous' for those who lose weight.

As a result, different types of paste have a different glycemic index. According to the researchers' findings, the best variants are spaghetti, secondly, macaroni in the form of stars, and those with a higher glycemic index are macaroni.

7. Take calcium supplements if you do not eat dairy products

Many people do not digest dairy products, so they exclude them from their diet. But cheese, milk and cottage cheese are valuable sources of calcium, which, according to researchers, speed up fat metabolism. The weight of participants in an experiment who had a calcium supplement decreased by 26 percent to 70 percent compared to the control group.

So if you don't get along well with dairy, try taking calcium and vitamin D supplements to help absorb it better.

8. Choose solid foods for breakfast

Scientists have long known that breakfast is beneficial. Now, they have made progress and are actively investigating the influence of the components of the saucers on our organism. In particular, they showed that the saturated capacity of protein increases when consumed in solid form. The bottom line is simple: by eating the cottage cheese instead of a drink made from it, hunger will come later.

9. Eat bitter chocolate

It appears that chocolate not only has a positive effect on health, but also reinforces the results of weight loss. Scientists found that in the group of people who follow a low-carbohydrate diet and complete their diet with small portions of bitter chocolate, no return of extra weight is seen after several weeks of following the diet.

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And you, do you have any tricks to help you get rid of the extra weight? tell us about them in the comments!

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How Can I Lose Weight Quickly? The battle plan to the desired weight
Whether it's ten pounds or forty, the extra pounds are a nuisance! Do you always ask yourselves: How can I lose weight quickly? Then here is the answer to your question!

How Can I Lose Weight Quickly? The battle plan to the desired weight

For your diet to be successful, you need one thing above all: the will to persevere. There will always be moments when you just want to throw everything away and stuff the bag of chips or the bar of chocolate inside you. Hold on! Hold on! At that moment, think about why you asked yourself the question, "How can I lose weight quickly and permanently? That helps.

And if you also stick to the following points, which help you to lose weight quickly and in the long term, then you will soon fit into your favorite clothes, which have become too tight again.

1. Change diet

The most important aspect of losing weight is a healthy, balanced diet. You don't need to count calories, but you need to know what you're eating. In a nutshell, that is how it can be summed up: Eat your fill of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables in particular are low in calories and are the best friends of all those who are looking for an answer to the question "How to lose weight quickly".

You should also eat whole grain food and low-fat dairy products several times a day. Lean meat and fish may be served several times a week.

You should only enjoy small amounts of calorie bombs like fast food, ready meals, sweets, cakes or chips. Get used to eating consciously. Not to end up in the café every time you stroll around town and eat a large portion of cake, although you're not hungry at all. Try to cook fresh as often as possible. This will save you a lot of calories.

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2. Fed up with meals

You should eat three meals a day regularly so as not to suffer from ravenous hunger attacks all the time. After these meals you should get up saturated and with a good feeling from the table. To do this, you should get used to eating low-calorie foods. So a large portion of vegetables, plus a small portion of noodles and meat.

Take your time for your meals. People often eat on the side. That hardly registers the brain at all and you will be hungry and have an appetite faster.

3. No simple carbohydrates in the evening

Low carb is still trend diet number one. You do not have to rigorously ban all carbohydrates just because you're looking for the answer to the question, "How can I lose weight quickly?" It's enough if you do not use simple carbohydrates, as they are in white bread, cakes, chips, fast food or sweets. Against wholemeal bread or wholemeal pasta but nothing is wrong.

However, in order to keep the fat burning at full speed at night, you should hold back a little in the evening regarding carbohydrates. Eat a slice of wholegrain bread, but combine it with salad, cheese or other dairy products. Try to stop eating carbohydrates after 8pm.

Sweets or chips should be avoided at night.

4. Drink only water and unsweetened tea

Often it is underestimated how many calories can have drinks. Do you often drink sweetened tea, sodas or juice? In a 200 ml glass of juice put a good 100 kcal and some sugar. The extrapolated to two or three glasses makes up half a bar of chocolate. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories. If you want to lose weight successfully, you should only drink a glass for special occasions.

There are no calories in water or unsweetened fruit or herbal tea. Get used to quenching your thirst with it.

By the way: You should also rarely drink light drinks sweetened with sweetener. They do not contain any calories, but there are always studies that say that they are fuelling cravings.

5. Comply with meal breaks

If you often snack in between, you usually eat more calories throughout the day. However, there is another reason why you should not eat in between meals: in order for your body to burn fat, it also needs food breaks. Do not eat anything between the main meals. If you are often hungry in the morning or in the afternoon, you can have a snack. For example, a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks or low-fat yogurt.

6. No prohibitions

No chocolate, never again fast food and only vegetables: Do not make such crazy intentions. Even if you want to lose weight, that does not mean that food is forbidden. Prohibitions only encourage cravings. You are allowed to eat all foods. Also the calorie bomb chocolate is allowed. For the pounds to melt, you should leave it but one or two pieces and put away the rest of the board.

7. Exercise and tone up your body

Sports burn a lot of calories. Regular exercise should therefore be part of the answer to the question "How can I lose weight quickly? Find an endurance sport that you enjoy - whether it is walking, swimming, cycling or Zumba. Try to find 45 minutes three times a week. This way you burn some calories and lose weight faster.

It is ideal if you do a few strength exercises at the same time and strengthen your stomach, legs and buttocks with targeted exercises. The more muscles you have, the more energy they burn.
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8. Come clean

Healthy diet and exercise are important for losing weight. However, to reach your goal, you must find out why you can not stop eating sometimes. Are boredom or frustration your triggers? Pay close attention to when you resort to the sin of your choice. You know, what the appetite triggers, then you can do something about it.