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Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat and Waist
Belly and waist are the areas of the body more complicated to work, but with these exercises you will achieve very favorable results.

Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat and Waist

Whenever the holiday season arrives, we tend to be very concerned about wearing a slim and attractive body, because we want to look nice in that bathing suit that we like so much.

To get your body in shape is not a task of a few days, because to achieve it we must follow an eating plan and also do some exercise routine to reduce belly fat and waist, like those presented below.

The area of the abdomen is one of the most difficult to get in shape, because it is made up of very short muscles that burn few calories, in addition it is an area in which fat accumulates very easily due to our sedentary lifestyle and poor body posture.

There is a study that states that exercise provides a better mood than money. So cheer up once and for all to activate yourself, because the benefits will be many.

We recommend the following exercises, for which you will only need a yoga mat:

Legs Elevation

Lying on your back, with your back straight, place your hands with your palms facing the floor under your hip.

Raise one of your legs to 90 degrees to your back, then lower it, but do not allow it to touch the floor again. Now it is the turn of the other leg, insert both in two sets of ten repetitions for each leg, you must never bend them.

Reverse Bicycle

Do you remember the exercise of pedaling lying down? Well, this is very similar, it's just different in the way you move your feet.

Lying on your back, and with your hands as in the previous exercise, pedal backwards, like making a circle with your feet. Count ten repetitions for each leg.

Knees to Chest

In the same position, flex your knees together until they reach your chest. Don't worry if you don't make it in the beginning, don't force yourself. Once you have brought them as close as possible to your chest, stretch and repeat. Do 10 repetitions in total.

In addition to these exercises, we recommend you eat a healthy diet, take into account this list of foods you must eat to get rid of the belly.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

7 Ways to Exercises Your Abdomen - The Best Ab Exercises for Women
To have a perfect looking stomach, you must perform abdominal exercises for almost 15 minutes a day. Males do not get attracted to females who have excessive stomach fat. Abdominal exercises will help females give their upper torso a better shape and size and will help women look beautiful and attractive.

7 Ways to Exercises Your Abdomen - The Best Ab Exercises for Women

There are different types of abdominal exercises. Most of these exercises don’t need any sort of equipments like dumbbells. You only need to make certain moves to perform the exercise. Following are some of the best exercises for middle part of the body:

Captains Chair Leg Raise Exercise

Another very effective exercise for abs is Captains Chair Leg Raise. In this exercise you use a machine on which you hang and keep your knees bent for some time and repeat this action again and again. This exercise has a direct impact on your abs and you can feel the impact while you perform this exercise.

Bicycle Exercise

The best start up exercise for women is Bicycle exercise. You must know that this exercise can not remove your fats completely but they aid you in giving yourself a better look and keep you healthy and fit.

Ball Crunch Exercise

You might have seen a big ball in all fitness centers. This ball is known as Exercise Ball. Ball Crunch exercise is gaining popularity day by day and the results are much better than ordinary floor crunches.

Vertical Leg Crunch Exercise

Some fitness clubs also recommend Vertical Leg Crunch for waist and perfect six-packs.

Side Plank with Leg Raise

Similar principles to the “Side Plank with Rotation” above but this time you include some hip ABduction. For this exercise you stay in the side plank position and raise the top leg slowly. Avoid external rotation or opening of the hips, stay in line. This exercise is not only intense on the lateral workings of the core but also strengthens the Glute Medius, an important muscle for hip stability and often weak in today’s society.

Long Arm Crunch Exercise

One of the most difficult exercises for abs is Long Arm Crunch where you have to stretch and straighten your arms behind you. You have to spend ample amount of time to gain perfection in this exercise.

Slow Mountain Climbers

The core is primarily designed to prevent movement of the spine, this protects your spine from sudden movements or impacts that may threaten you. Slow Mountain Climbers place the spine in a stable position with gravity pushing down on it. By alternatively drawing the knees to the elbows you challenge your spines stability as well as activating the obliques.

The different kinds of abdominal exercises give you perfect waist and better looking abs. Keep devoting time to these exercises and you can obtain your objectives very easily.

The Best Ab Exercises for Women - 7 Ways to Exercises Your Abdomen - To have a perfect looking stomach, you must perform abdominal exercises for almost 15 minutes a day.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Killer Abs Workout For a Flat Six Pack Stomach
If you want a great looking set of abs or tight toned stomach then apart from getting to low levels of body fat you need to be doing the right ab exercises that really work them properly. This means forgetting about outdated crunches and sit ups and start using more modern techniques that really deliver the best results. I personally only work my abs about twice a week, which is more than enough, and when I do I like to use a circuit type abs workout to not only fatigue the abdominals but burn some extra fat as well. So if your ready to work your abs a little different try this very effective five exercise abs workout.

A Killer Abs Workout For a Flat Six Pack Stomach

The first exercise is a Mountain Climber. To get into position, place your hands on the floor, your feet on the floor as though you are going to do a push up then keeping your hips flat and your abs contracted bring a knee up to your chest then take it back. Repeat with other leg and do 20 reps.

Next is The Side Plank - Balance on one forearm with your body straight and ankles together. Hips should be as high as possible and chest pointing outwards. Hold the position for 30 seconds before changing sides.

A Killer Abs Workout For a Flat Six Pack Stomach - The side Plank
Side Plank

Then you need a stability ball for jack-knives. So feet on ball and hands on floor in push up fashion with back straight. Then controlling the ball bring your knees up to chest or as far as they will go. Return to start position making sure your legs are straight - 20 more reps please.

Then it's on to Russian Twists. Sit on the floor slightly leaning back until your abs are engaged. Take the stability ball or a medicine ball if you want more resistance and holding it your hands rotate your body side to side and touch the ball down. Legs should be slightly bent but if you want to make it harder bring your feet off the floor. Great for your oblique muscles this one. 40 reps (20 each side)

Then to finish your abs off it's a Plank of some description. Personally I sometimes just do a standard plank with elbows and toes on the floor with a straight body and braced abs. Other times I may put my feet on a medicine ball or stability ball. Whatever you choose try to do as long as possible to failure.

A Killer Abs Workout For a Flat Six Pack Stomach - Plank

If you feel like more then give yourself a minute or two of rest then complete the circuit 2-3 times more. I hope you liked this abs workout and that you have been persuaded away from crunches and all those other waste of time ab machines. Combine these types of circuits with a clean diet and lots of intensive cardio and resistance training and you will have a slim flat stomach or a super sharp six-pack in no time.

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A Killer Abs Workout For a Flat Six Pack Stomach - if your ready to work your abs a little different try this very effective five exercise abs workout.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How To Get Abs Fast in 4 Weeks
Who doesn't dream in this season to proudly display a sculpted abs? Without a doubt, a sculpted abs is sexy, and they easily draw attention from others even with little exposure. Learning how to get a 6 pack is not all that hard, in fact it is pretty easy to do if you take the time to learn the exercises that are most effective and efficient in doing so, but more importantly than that is making sure your eating the right foods.

How To Get Abs Fast in 4 Weeks

The Six-Pack abs diet plan

Try to eat 4-5 times a day (pay attention to the amounts) or about every 3-4 hours. At each meal, consume a serving of protein (fish, egg, chicken and other lean meats)

Between meals, consume nuts, seed, avocado, and protein

Breakfast and your second meal should contain some carbohydrates like oatmeal, as well as a fruit.

Lunch: Brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato are good options.

For dinner, consume vegetables but avoid starches.

Moisturize yourself throughout the day especially during warm periods and during your workouts.

Every 10 days, enjoy a meal of pleasure. Eat whatever you want. This diet may seem strict but revealing your abs in just 4 weeks imposes sacrifices. At the end of your training, consume a post training shaker composed of 40 to 50 g of carbohydrates (optional) and 20 to 30 g of protein. This stabilizes your hormonal system and allows optimal tissue regeneration as well as a stable blood sugar level.

The best ab exercises

Run the 6 exercises 3 times 4 times a week (ideally Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) for 4 weeks. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, do 45 minutes of walking on treadmills with tilt (do not run). Rest on Sunday.

Your training session should last 45 minutes. If you finish before, perform walking on treadmill with tilt until reaching 45 minutes of activities. Concentrate on movement rather than speed.

Overhead Bench Squat

With a properly weighted bar, held over your head, stand in front of a bench. Keep the bar above your head and sit on the bench keeping your head and bust high. The bar will lean forward as you sit down, try reversing the trend, get up and repeat the move.

  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Number of repetitions: 20-30
  • Rest between the sets: 30 seconds.

Adjust the exercise for weeks 3 and 4 by increasing the number of sets to 5-6 while decreasing the rest to 0-15 seconds. You can also lower the bench one notch.

Knee Opposite Elbow

In the pump position rotate your right knee under your body to try to touch the opposite elbow. Keep the hips low and alternate, it makes a repeat.

  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Number of repetitions: 10-15
  • Rest between the sets: 30 seconds.

Adjust the exercise for weeks 3 and 4 by increasing the number of sets to 5-6 while decreasing the rest to 0-15 seconds. Perform a pump every 5 repetitions.

Knee Elbow

Same movement but without crossing, the right knee touches the right elbow and vice versa. Keep the hips low and done once on each side, this makes a repeat.

  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Number of repetitions: 10-15
  • Rest between sets: 30 seconds.

Adjust the exercise for weeks 3 and 4 by increasing the number of sets to 5-6 while decreasing the rest to 0-15 seconds. Perform a pump every 5 repetitions.


Make as much pumping as possible. If the classic position is too difficult, making the pumps by leaning on your knees, the movement will be simpler because the weight supported by the arms is weaker. Do not forget to contract your abdominals during the movement.

  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Number of repetitions: 15
  • Rest between the sets: 30 seconds.
  • Adjust by making a maximum of conventional pump.

Swiss ball hamstring curls

Lie on your back with the ball positioned under the heels of your legs straight. Keep your hips on the ground and bring your heels back to your buttocks.

  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Repeat count: 10-15
  • Rest between sets: 30 seconds

Adjust the exercise for weeks 3 and 4 by increasing the number of sets to 5-6 while decreasing the rest to 0-15 seconds.

Dumbbell Lunge to Overhead Press

Take a dumbbell on each shoulder and put yourself in the slot position. Bend your knee to the ground in front slit and push the dumbbells over your head.

  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Repeat count: 10-15
  • Rest between sets: 30 seconds

Dumbbell Lunge to Overhead Press

After your 3 repetitions of these 6 exercises, finish your 45 minutes of training by walking on inclined mats.

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This type of training is complete, it will require on each exercise the abdominal strap while recruiting other big muscular group (pectorals on the pumps, legs on the squats …). You can repeat it several times a week or simply replace one of your usual sessions with it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How To Flatten Your Abs in 2 Weeks at Home

Super-trim and flat abs are many dieters’ dream – but how do you achieve them?

The answer is simple.

In conjunction with the foolproof weight loss food plan, you need to do some toning exercises to transform your body.

How To Flatten Your Abs in 2 Weeks at Home

Remember to do these in the evening for 20 minutes, once every three days (between your thigh and butt workouts).

Here’s how to flatten those abs:

The Plank

This abs workout doesn't require much movement, but it packs a punch.

For this ab workout routine you will start on your stomach. Again, you can use a mat for comfort.

Bring yourself up so you are resting on your forearms. Position your elbows underneath your shoulders. Place your palms flat against the ground. Once in position bring the rest of your body up as if you were doing a push up.

Hold this position for 10 seconds, building on the time as your body allows. You'll want to build up to 30 seconds or challenge yourself for the full minute. Keep good form and bring your naval in towards your spine for the best results.

Abdominal Hold

Now sit tall on the edge of the chair with your hands on the edge of the seat and your fingers pointing to your knees.

Tighten your abs and bring your toes 2 to 4 inches off the floor and lift your body off of the chair. Hold for as long as you can, shoot for 5 to 10 seconds.

Lower yourself down and repeat. Continue this exercise for 1 minute.

Beginners can keep one foot on the ground for additional support.

Navel Pull-In

Kneel on the floor in front of a chair with your knees hip-width apart.

Bend forward at your waist and place your elbows on the chair.

Breathe in and exhale, slowly contracting your navel in toward your spine. Pull your navel in and hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

Do as many reps as you can each time, building up to 10 reps.

Superman Raises

Get on all fours, aligning your knees under your hips and hands under your shoulders.

Lift your right arm to shoulder height and your left leg to hip height, hold for two counts. Reach forward with your fingers and back with your heel.

Repeat this exercise on the opposite side. Do 20 reps, alternating sides.

To burn a few more calories, touch your opposite elbow to your knee as you pull your arm and leg in.

Leg Lifts

Sit up with your back straight on the floor, with your legs stretched out and your toes pointing towards the ceiling.

Slowly raise each leg as high as you can, pulling in your abdominal muscles, then lower it. Raise and lower the alternate leg. Repeat the set of raises 20 times.

Rest for 20 seconds… then repeat all of the exercises until the 17 minutes is up.

Next Steps

Don’t forget, you will not do these exercises again for two days, because you will be working on your legs and butt, so put plenty of energy into it.

There are also a few little tips you can use to help perfect your abs faster and more effectively, so read on…

5 Secrets to Flatter Abs!

The exercise that you will do, both cardio and toning, will take care of giving you a much better body. The food will certain help you shed the pounds. But what about those little tips that go beyond diet and exercise?

Here are few extra secrets for flatter abs:

1. Don’t eat late at night – This doesn’t just mean takeaway pizza, don’t eat any meals, however healthy, after 8pm.

This is because the body will find the late-night calories much harder to burn off and is more likely to hold onto the excess energy in the form of fat.
Guess where?

That’s right, all around your waist.

Don’t risk more belly fat, only eat before 8pm and try to drink just water and herbal tea after this time too.

2. Keep on drinking lots of water – Most people suffer from dehydration on a daily basis, but have no idea why they feel sluggish and find the excess weight hard to shift.

Remember, we are 60% water. We need to keep ourselves constantly topped up in order to be able to enjoy peak health and lose maximum weight.

3. Don’t skip your snack – Always eat a light healthy snack in the afternoon. There is a great reason for this and it revolves around insulin.

A healthy snack boosts your metabolism and balances out your blood sugar. When you keep your blood sugar lower you keep your insulin levels lower.

Insulin needs to be kept low, because it is what tells your body to store fat around your waist. If you eat every 3 or 4 hours, you avoid the great peaks and troughs in your blood sugar levels, which are detrimental to your health.

4. Chew well – Digestion begins long before you swallow. Chew your food properly, until it is ground into a paste in your mouth.

That way all the right enzymes can work on the food and start to break it down. If you do not chew your food properly, you are likely to suffer from indigestion and bloating, which work against you when you are trying to lose weight.

5. Laugh a lot! – This is the most fun tip ever. The diet really will take care of the food side of shifting the weight for you, but this is one of the enjoyable little lifestyle changes that can really help.

Laughing – deep, spontaneous ‘belly laughs’ - are just that; they work your belly muscles.

You don’t have to spend all day rolling around laughing at jokes (as if you had the time). However, being happy will actually help you to lose weight and studies have shown that feeling down causes people to eat more and exercise less effectively – so keep on laughing!

That’s your abs sorted, if you just stick to the plan. Now it is time to take a look at your butt…