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6 Habits to Adopt in 2020 if You Want to Lose Weight Healthily

Some strategies may not work for you. See what to do

What are your goals for 2020? Many people aim to lose a few pounds. And that's okay, the fact is that sometimes the task becomes more complicated than it seems.

6 Habits to Adopt in 2020 if You Want to Lose Weight Healthily

You probably also had the problem: you start gymnastics (or increase your workouts) and you eat less. However, it looks like the account does not match. No matter how much you stick to your diet, the balance never changes. Or it even changes, but soon returns to the early stage. Do you want to lose weight this year? We consulted with an expert who gave us 6 tips on habits you can adopt in 2020 to lose weight healthily. Check it out:

1 - Understand when you really need to eat

Today we hear a lot about intermittent fasting. The habit of dining a little early and being able to postpone breakfast can help some people. And science agrees with that. A study from the University of California, for example, found that the reduction in usual calories during this period can reach on average up to 1.5 kg per month.

It turns out that each body is unique. And there is no point in following the recommendation of spending hours without eating (or eating every two to three hours) if the strategy doesn't work for you. “We need to listen more to our body and feed ourselves according to its needs. Sometimes the person does not need intermediate snacks between meals. Others are very hungry if they take long breaks and exaggerate their plates, ”says endocrinologist Renato Zilli of the Syrian-Lebanese hospital.

Studies also support this idea. It has been discovered that spending a lot of time without putting anything in your mouth can slow your metabolism, lower your concentration, put you in a bad mood and contribute to unhealthy choices with your next meal. The secret then? Trial and error. Pay attention to when you are hungrier and when you only eat out of habit or even out of greed. And adapt your snack routine!

2 - Organize life - and lunch boxes!

Taking time on weekends to prepare lunch boxes is a good thing for those who cannot keep up with restaurants by the pound. “When the brain is faced with countless options, it tends to choose the tastiest and overdo it. Therefore, preparing lunch boxes helps to avoid unnecessary calories and helps us keep our figure, ”says the doctor.

You don't like hot dishes? Use a few tips to make your breakfasts more flavorful. Choose cold dishes such as salads, pies or grilled vegetables. However, if you don't want to give up hot food, it's best to have sauce. As the microwave heats up by stirring the water particles, the soaked food heats effectively and evenly without this dryness.

When preparing your salad, opt for glass jars and always start with a wet seasoning (or leave it separate). Thus, it stays at the bottom of the container and does not come into contact with the leaves - this prevents them from wilting. Remember to add a protein source (like grated chicken or tofu) to balance the macronutrients.

3 - Don't dine so late

"Studies show that when we eat late at night, we deregulate our metabolism - this makes weight loss difficult," says Renato Zilli. And early morning snacks are the most damaging: a study from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States found that when food is eaten after dinner, the body is ready to store those calories as fat rather than fat. burn them. them as energy. This not only leads to weight gain, but also increases blood sugar and, therefore, the risk of chronic disease.

Also pay attention to the type of food you eat at each hour of the day. Meat, for example, should be reserved for lunch and avoided at dinner. It takes an average of 5 hours to digest. So eating before bed can damage your digestive system. The same goes for simple carbohydrates: they are usually very high in calories.

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4 - Practice mindful eating

The endocrinologist explains that mindful eating, while not directly influencing weight gain or loss, can help reduce anxiety and eating disorders that are closely related. “One technique I use in the office is to ask patients to chew more and try the flavors. Nowadays we are very separate from what we eat. Processed and processed foods have too strong a taste (they are too salty, sugary or greasy). This inhibits the perception of taste, smell and even consistency of the food. "

And then you see: the less we recognize what we put in our mouths, the more we eat. If you go to the restaurant before you order or face the buffet, judge the size of your hunger. Do you need a light or reinforced plate? It's from PMS and you want a dessert, so go for salad as your main course? From the answers, choose the dish without errors.

5 - Count fewer calories!

It may not seem intuitive, but counting the calories of the day may not be a good strategy for you. Tracking and counting all meals and snacks is somewhat dismayed and leads to a lack of motivation in some people.

Relying on numbers alone can lead to wrong decisions. A small meal in a fast food can even contain approximately the same amount of calories as a meal at home. But the two are completely different in terms of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they contain - the second is much better for the body.

“Everyone chooses the best: it is worth taking a photo of all the dishes so that you can analyze them at the end of the day, prepare the lunch box or even make arrangements at home. I always say that the best weight loss strategy is one that you can do without major suffering, ”says the endocrinologist.

But if you still think calorie counting is the best option for you, remember how much you spend each day. This number takes two things into account: the basal metabolic rate - physiological characteristics such as age, weight, height, gender and height; and the activities we do every day (when we are standing or doing sports). Ask an expert to help you avoid creating the wrong account!

6 - Eliminate Trash Day

Throw the first stone that never made the garbage day. You don't go out of the diet for nothing during the week. Then you can hardly wait until Sunday starts with all the nonsense you want. Experts reject the strategy. "They promote unhealthy behavior. If you adopt garbage, you understand that you have suffered all week and can now eat, ”says the doctor.

Trash cans often contain little nutrients and lots of calories from sugar and fat. It is better to stick to a more flexible menu in everyday life. Do not feel guilty about eating or slipping a piece of cake until the exception becomes the rule and most of the time your diet is balanced. And come here: your body should never be compared to a trash can, right?

Eating has to be pleasant every day. “It's not that we can't eat anything that comes out of our diet. However, we forget that it is the function of food to nourish the body and not just to give pleasure, ”explains Renato.

6 Habits to Adopt in 2020 if You Want to Lose Weight Healthily

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