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Squat Variations: Evaluating Squat Variations For Weight Training

As you go about your mass building workout program, one exercise that you must make sure you don't leave out is the squat along with all the squat variations that can be completed. Far too many people will just stick with the same old basic squat as the major lift that they do during their lower body workouts and that's a big mistake.

Squat Variations: Evaluating Squat Variations For Weight Training

Remember, the body responds best to constant change in any given workout program so by assessing all the different squat variations, not only will you promote better mass gains, but you'll also keep your workouts varied and interesting.

The last thing you want is for boredom to take you out of your mass building workouts entirely, so by changing it up you'll stay committed to success.

Let's take a quick look at the squat variations you can do so you can get a good idea how to include these into your program.

The Front Squat:

Front Squat

The very first of the squat variations to consider is the front squat exercise. This one isn't as common as the back squat variation which we'll get to in a second, so one that you should possibly give some more consideration to.

The front squat is to be performed with the barbell across the chest rather than the back and will serve to place a much higher overall load on the quad muscles.

By changing where the bar is located on the body as you go about this major mass building exercise, you can alter the main stress on the leg muscles. If you want to train the quads specifically, this is the best of the squat variations to do.

The Back Squat:

Next up in our list of squat variations we have the back squat. While the front squat is best for targeting the quads, the back squat is best for targeting the hamstrings.

Don't think this means you won't work the quads however - you still will but now you'll also be working the hamstrings to a much greater extent as well.

For those people who really want to firm up their glutes, this is a terrific squat variation to perform.

Note that many people will find that they can lift more weight when doing the back squat compared to the front squat, so if you do see some variation in the weight lifted, don't get too overly concerned about this.

The Sumo Squat:

Sumo Squat

Another of the great squat variations to consider adding to your mass building program is the sumo squat. For this squat you're simply going to turn the feet outwards slightly, so you're placing a slightly greater overall stimulus on the inner thigh muscles.

You'll still hit the quads and hamstrings like you do in the regular squat, but due to the slight difference in position, the stress will be at an entirely different angle.

Make sure when doing this squat that your knees stay pointed out to the side at all times and track over the toes to prevent knee pain development.

The Split Squat:

Split Squat

Finally, the last of the squat variations to consider is the split squat. This movement is very much a cross between a squat and a lunge and is great for fixing any strength imbalances that might be present.

Simply hold a set of dumbbells at your side while raising one leg up and setting it on a bench or chair behind you.

From there, lower down into the squat position until you're as far as you can go and then press back up again to return to the standing position. Be sure to switch sides once all reps are complete.

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So next time you're in the gym and headed to the squat rack to get in your mass building lower body workout, consider using one of the different squat variations this time. It may just be the perfect thing to take your results to a whole new level.

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