Saturday, March 25, 2017

Great Running Workout

Running has become an incredibly popular form of exercise in the United States. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and can be fun and interesting, particularly if you get involved in a running club or choose to participate in an organized race, like a 5k. There are many good workouts for runners or for those who simply like to work running into their training regimens as a cross-training exercise. Below is a very basic, however effective workout designed for maintaining fitness while varying your runs so as to keep things interesting.

Great Running Workout


1. 1 Mile Warmup Jog

2. Run 4 miles at a moderate pace

3. Walk 1 mi.

4. Stretch


1. 1 Mile Warmup Jog

2. Run 3 miles at a moderate pace

3. Walk 1 mi.

4. Run 4 100 yard sprints with short walks in between

5. Walk 1 mi.

6. Stretch



Great Running Workout


1. 1 Mile Warmup Jog

2. Sprint 100 yards

3. Walk 100 yards

4. Sprint 200 yards

5. Walk 100 yards

6. Sprint 100 yards

7. Walk 100 yards

8. Run Hard 1 Mile Run

9. Jog 1 mile

10. Walk 1 mi.

11. Stretch


1. 1 Mile Warmup job

2. Run 3 Miles at a moderate pace

3. Walk 1 mi.

4. Stretch


1. Long Slow run ---- start at 6 miles and work your way up to 10 or 11 miles.

2. Walk

3. Stretch



Like most workouts, this is really intended to be a guideline that you can adapt to your own needs. It's important that you do what works for your body and your training objectives. "Listen" to your body in response to your workouts, and then make adjustments in order to hit your goals.

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