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10lbs of Fat Loss - Weapons I Used in 2 Weeks

3 weapons that I used in 2 weeks to achieve fat loss.

You may wonder why I only had 3, in fact there are a lot I could do to make my dream a reality. Well, its like this, there's a scientific fact (studies) that an individual can efficiently handle up to 3 tasks at a time. More than that, our braincells goes haywire. That's why phone numbers are grouped in to three's. Date and time has the same format, other countries have three set of names, and a lot more.

10lbs of Fat Loss - Weapons I Used in 2 Weeks

So here's my three powerful weapons:

1. Additional knowledge and proper mindset.

I did change the way I thought of things, eliminated the word fat, illness, medications and a lot of those words that may have a connotation to being unhealthy, from my vocabulary and replaced it with words like fit, toned, sculpt, healthy and alike. Normally, a change of daily words diverts your focus to your goals and this simple shift made me stumble into the information I need.

2. Nutritional foods.

Greens and more greens (alkaline). My focus was shifted and I found information about what nutrition I need. A high level summary, this body of ours in nature, eliminates acid as quickly as possible. These acids that came from foods we eat, our emotions, environment we daily live in (pollution, stress), etc. Fastest way that our body do to remove these acids, is binding acid with fat. Our body stores it in fats and our body then stores fat in places like legs, arms, our tummy, etc. Doing this prevents acid from wounding our internals. Alkaline drinks and foods helps the body become more alkaline and eliminate acid quickly. With lesser and lesser acid in our body, fats are no longer needed and is eliminated.

10lbs of Fat Loss

3. Continuous (kaizen workout / exercise).

with never ending research I found a proper weight management plan. The first and most effective which is also neglected is the "aerobic exercises". I also found workout plans that increases my metabolism and energy, this surely speeds up my goal achievement.

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You deserve to be healthy and fit, you deserve the body you always wanted. You were not born in this world to be a quitter so do not act like one. Separate yourself from the majority and you will find a whole new meaning in your life.

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